Your ideal mattress awaits… so take your pick.

At Vanrest Beds Direct, we know that one mattress size definitely does not fit all. People (and bed frames) come in all shapes and sizes, and some like their mattress soft, while others prefer firm. That’s why we make custom mattresses to fit your life, not the other way around..

Quality at Every Turn

We use only the highest quality materials – which are allergy and solvent free – to manufacture our mattress range. And, to make our mattresses last longer and prevent premature sagging, there’s no polyester in sight! Choose from a basic innerspring mattress through to the ultimate in comfort – our Latex Pillow Top. All in the size and shape of your choice.

Our Mattresses Range

Foam Box Mattress
Pillow Top Mattress
Pocketspring Mattress

Each Vanrest Beds Direct Mattress is made form high quality, allergy and solvent-free material to give you the best night’s sleep.

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Why Choose Our Products

It’s all about quality

It’s all about quality

You’ll find only high quality materials in Vanrest Beds Direct mattresses. And because we don’t use polyester, your mattress lasts for longer.

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It’s all about quality

Your mattress, your style

If you want a mattress shaped like a triangle, then that’s what you’ll get! We make mattresses that meet your needs and wishes.

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It’s all about quality

Feel comfortable, always

From basic innerspring to cushy pillow top, and the edge-to-edge support of our foam box construction, find comfort in Vanrest Direct.

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